Discover the South Pacific Islands

Take a tour of the imagery of paradise: tropical islands, beaches, palm-fringed white sand, turquoise waters, coral reefs, volcanoes, tropical forests, rivers, waterfalls and lakes, beautiful weather, an ancient culture and a rich cuisine.

Welcome, you have reached the South Pacific.

Here the most difficult task is to choose which islands to visit. They all share an extraordinary beauty and each has a different combination of ecosystems, ethnicities and traditions.
One of the most remote places on our planet, which has managed to preserve its purity and stay away from the tourist invasion and cultural and economic spoliation.

Click on the countries you want to discover and enjoy...

Discover Fiji

In Fiji you have it all: tropical jungle, coral islands, reefs, mountains, waterfalls, rivers, coastal dunes. Be seduced by the "Fiji Time".

Discover Vanuatu

Beaches, reefs, rain forests, archaeological remains, learn about an active volcano, villages that make you believe you have traveled back in time...

Discover Tonga

Dubbed "the Friendly Islands" offer a unique experience in the world to dive and swim with humpback whales.

Discover Samoa

Extensive tropical forests, volcanic craters, fertile valleys dotted with waterfalls that flow into a belt of idyllic beaches. And a way of life that remains from 3000 years ago.

Discover Tahiti

Inspired the painter Paul Gauguin. 118 islands that appeal to both couples seeking their dream honeymoon seekers as remote havens.

Discover Cook Islands

Its 15 islands offer the ancient and rich Polynesian culture in a typical natural environment of the South Seas.
Perfect for those seeking an idyllic hideaway miss destination.

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